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Dear List Lifestyle Subscriber,

If you want to start earning a full-time income online, sleep peacefully at night knowing money is being sent directly to your bank account, all while having people love you for helping them, then this will be the most important letter you'll read.

My name is Isaiah Jackson.

And the first thing you should know about me is... I am not a multi-millionaire... I am not a famous "guru" either...


You won't find me online bragging about having millions of followers on social media... 

Or making videos in my garage showing off my Lamborghini, library of books.

Basically, I'm a United States Army Veteran turned List Building Specialist who has developed some bad ass marketing skills which allow me to live a great life with lots of freedom.

Skills that took me over a decade of grinding, pain, humiliation and failure, to learn.

And skills...

I Am Going To Be Sharing With You

For free when you join my inner circle of my best (and bad ass) customers...

Here's the deal;-

This prestigious syndicate of successful list builders are what I call:

"List Lifestyle Insiders"

But, before I tell you about what you get, I'll give you the bad news first:

1. This is expensive and not something you buy on impulse

2. Quitters are not allowed inside

3. And, this is NOT for timid, shy, do-nothing internet marketers.

In fact, if you are the type of person to buy product after product, doing nothing with the products, and then have the audacity to claim the product doesn't work... I don't even want to give you the opportunity to be on my prospect list let alone being called an Insider.

If you are the type of person who looks for "push button" riches, follows the latest and greatest product of the day, or would cause financial harm to someone for the sake of making a commission, don't join.

So there is the bad news.

The good news is, if you are the type of person who is willing to implement simple, yet profitable steps into building your business, investing time or money by doing so, and most importantly operate with honesty and integrity becoming a List Lifestyle Insider may be for you.

As an Insider you'll receive valuable perks immediately like:

"List Lifestyle System"

The List Lifestyle System is a real working system and it gives you everything you need to easily start building your own responsive list of subscribers who are addicted to buying from you.

I share with you the exact steps to take to get high quality leads and to start producing profits (yes, profits) in your business even if you're a stone cold newbie.

Here's a sneak peak at what you will discover...

Let's talk about this for a second.

After beating a bunch of super affiliates at their own game back when I did affiliate marketing, it got the attention of other product creators who wanted me to promote their products.

I refused.

But it didn't stop them from asking me how many subscribers I had on my "money making" list to place in the Top 10 on affiliate leaderboards.

The answer shocked them.

When I told them I had an email list of less than 1,000 subscribers - they didn't want to believe it.

Imagine, you with a list of 1,000 subscribers beating super affiliates when you promote products?

You can when you create your own prospect dossier.

It was using the tactic mentioned which allowed me to build an email list of only 88 subscribers which then went on to earn...

"$1,449 In Just 17 Days"

(small number compared to how much I earn a month...)

Without sending a single email to this list...

Best part?

Most marketers would never bother to use this at all.

But the few of us who do, make out like bandits while leaving our "competition" scratching their heads wondering why you are easily able to make more sales.

Here's even more secrets you'll discover in the List Lifestyle System:

A simple "laundry list" of things you must do if you want to start shooting videos... The pure magic of using the clock on your phone to boost sales... Why it's so important to give 'this insider secret' away... The "big lie" marketing gurus on sites like WarriorPlus and JVZoo are telling to you... How this 4 letter word will solve almost all problems caused by promoting anyone who violates this one rule... The startling discovery that turned a failing promotion into a successful one... And even...

Two Overlooked Places To Promote Any Product To Boost Your Sales

I say most likely because I obviously can't promise you any specific results.

But near the end of the playbook I give you little 10 second hacks you can apply today if you plan on promoting products as an affiliate for the long term.

Now this is just a small sample of what you will discover when you join the List Lifestyle Insiders... And here are...

"Three Powerful Reasons You Should Believe What I Say"

Reason One: I have spent the money, and actually tested everything I reveal to you. Not just in "Internet Marketing" but also in other industries to include... relationships, music, health and fitness, and self help.

Reason Two: I put my moolah where my mouth is with an iron clad 100% Guarantee. You will be stunned when you read about it in a few minutes.

Reason Three: I have an arsenal of results-based testimonials from my customers and private clients. These are real results, real people have gotten using my strategies and ideas. You'll hear from some of my clients in just a minute. (By the way these are NOT made up. Every singe one of them AND dozens more are on file at my office.)

You can use what I will teach you as a List Lifestyle Insider, designed specifically for Internet Marketers, affiliate marketers who are struggling to get the results they want in their business, it's 100% guaranteed and has already been proven to be wildly effective!

My 'Insider Secrets' reveal how you can build an Apple-like email list of subscribers who want to buy from you over and over again. It works.

In addition to building an Apple-like email list of subscribers who want to buy from you... Becoming a "List Lifestyle Insider"  contains an arsenal of...

"Money Making Secrets"

Secrets I put in place in my business... going through the trial and error process and proceed to share with you every month in the form of the List Lifestyle Letter.

Here's a sneak peak at what you'll receive...

Plus, in addition to getting the List Lifestyle System and the List Lifestyle Letter you're also going to get...

"Private Consulting"

With me every single month for as long you remain an Insider.

As a policy I only personally reply to emails from customers and even that is followed up with a call-to-action to purchase an hour of my time for at least $1,000.

As a List Lifestyle Insider this fee is waived, so you can ask me questions on list building, email marketing, affiliate marketing, traffic generation, my top traffic sources, product creation and anything else I'm qualified to answer...

Receiving a direct response from me and even willing to hop on a quick call if it is needed.

Now, I know you're probably skeptical.

It is normal and healthy.

But... don't take my word for it.

Here's What More Of My Clients Have To Say

"Massive thanks to Isaiah for the hours of guidance he gives in his webinars"

Peter C.

"I love how you use trigger words and just signing up... I now have a powerful arsenal to work with in my email campaigns"

Je'taime H.

"Massively helpful real world experience - big thanks Isaiah  "

Mark L.
Consistent five figure a month earner

"I just checked my clickbank account and WOW holey s**t I can't believe my eye's I have $26.31 in it. I Don't know what to say but but Thank you SO SO SO Much I don't know how I will ever be able to repay you This is just unbelieveable!!!!"

Ronie R.
Internet marketing freshman, just getting started online

"Isaiah is a great guy - out here helping the newbs to get their business started so they can make some cash - which is after all what we all want"

Leah B
Six Figure Marketer

"Isaiah has provided a solid, simple method to make your first money online (or extra income even if you are experienced) He holds your hand from start to finish, leaving nothing out"

Jeremy K.
Six Figure Internet Marketer

"Isaiah promoting one of my offers to his list of subscribers and not only did he sell a crap ton of units but he also placed #5 on my leaderboard with a list of only 500 subscribers... destroying several Super Affiliates in a span of three days"

Matthew N.
Seven Figure Internet Marketer

"I've known Isaiah since he was 18 and deployed overseas... hopping on my webinars. Since then he has taught several of my students how to build email lists at a profit... sell domains at a profit... getting traffic at a profit... to the tune of $3,000 or more when using his methods"

Jamie L.
Seven Figure Internet Marketer

"I made 2 sales already woooooo!! And 64 opt ins so far"

Robert F.
Internet marketing freshman

Warning: Do NOT Invest In Any Program Unless It Meets The Following 3 Criteria

There is a lot of confusion surrounding membership type offers. I want to give you 3 criteria or elements you absolutely, positively must have before you invest in anything you think could be similar:

One: Does the program provide you with the freedom to build your business on your own terms? Don't accept anything less - insist on a program that can accomplish this for you right from the get-go.

Two: Does the creator have actual experience in the field? Don't accept a pretender or wanna-be - make sure to confirm that the person you're trusting has real-life experience.

Three: Do they have an outcome, result-based testimonials from customers? Super important. Be wary of people using fluff testimonials from their joint venture partners or affiliates who get paid to promote the offer to you. Anyone can get those. You want to see hardcore testimonials like the ones you just read.

By Now You're Probably Wondering "How Much Does This Cost"

Comparative memberships and clubs, like "List Lifestyle Insiders" can cost you $5,000 or more and NONE of them can hold a candle to this.

But I have big savings for you!

Originally, becoming a List Lifestyle Insider sold for $1,164 a year and the truth is, it was a steal at this price. 

I charge $1,000 an hour for one on one consulting.

The List Lifestyle System alone has taken me hundreds of hours to perfect and test... several hours to create.

Each issue of the List Lifestyle Letter takes me on average 8 hours to put together, testing my money making secrets, documenting them, and coming up with a system you can use to get results quickly.

So if you multiply my consulting fee of $1,000 by 8, it's $8,000.

It is fair to assume I reasonably could charge at least $1,000 per month for access to the information and training I will be sharing with you.

But because you are what I call a List Lifestyle Subscriber... a subscriber on my list...

I am willing to let you become one of the Elite.

The fee for becoming a List Lifestyle Insider is a one-time payment of $997.

Hell of a deal with 92% off the original pricing - saving you $10,967.

So what's my hidden motive? Why am I practically giving away the ability to become a List Lifestyle Insider?

I am more interested in gaining your trust and confidence as a client/customer and I know once you become an Insider and start using the several money making secrets I will reveal to you.. you'll likely begin to tell others about it and coming back again and again.

Plus, I still make a nice profit. It's really a win-win situation.

You are also backed by...

My Personal Guarantee On Steroids

Guarantee #1: Take the next 10 days to examine everything, use what you wish and if for any reason, or no reason at all, you want to leave, just let me know and I'll send you, your investment back immediately.

You don't need a "my dog is sick" sob story. No hassle, no fine print. I'm devoted to helping the List Lifestyle Insiders build a more responsive email lists that makes them sales so if you aren't going to profit from what I share with you, then I would prefer to buy it back.

Guarantee #2: If you remain a List Lifestyle Insider after 10 days, I will ride along with you and give you another 20 days, and if after a full month you can show me, what I shared with you has not worked for you, I'll give you 100% of your investment back.

Guarantee #3: I'll continue riding along with you for another 11 months (a FULL YEAR) and then if you don't think you'll easily start earning at least four figures every single month using the methods I reveal to you, I will buy your business from you, I'll toss in an additional $100 just for your trouble.

Oh and did I mention that even if you decide to leave the List Lifestyle Insiders... I'll let you keep everything I've sent you as a parting gift... since you won't be allowed back in, since I personally don't do business with quitters.

Sound fair?


Here's What To Do Next

Click on the green "Yes, I Want Access To These Money Making Secrets" button below and fill out the form on the next page.

Once you do, you'll immediately be bestowed with the title

"List Lifestyle Insider"

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Isaiah Jackson

List Lifestyle Leader

P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here's the deal:

I'm giving you thousands of dollars worth of money making secrets I have used to create wildly profitable list building and email marketing campaigns for my own business and for my clients... as a blatant bribe to get you to join the prestigious club of List Lifestyle marketers, I call List Lifestyle Insiders.

All you pay is $997 one-time payment.

And you will receive immediate, the List Lifestyle System where I walk you through the profitable three step process for building an Apple-like email list of subscribers who will buy what you have to offer sight unseen.

The List Lifestyle Letter which gets sent to the printer on the 1st of every month revealing to you some of my most cutting edge list building and email marketing campaigns you can use in your business the moment you get the issue.

And Private Consulting where you can just shoot me an email with any questions you have about your business and receive a direct response as if you were one of my $1,000 per hour paying clients.

This is a very limited offer because each issue of the List Lifestyle Letter is sent to the printer on the 1st of the month... and once mailed you won't be able to receive the issue.

Plus, you are also backed by my List Lifestyle Pledge, where if you don't feel as if being a List Lifestyle Insider is right for you, you can get 100% of your investment back within 10 days... and if after 10 days - you'll have another 20 days (30 days total) where if you can show me what I've shared with you didn't put more subscribers on your email list or make you more sales - let me know and I'll send back every penny... plus you can KEEP what I've given you.

Click the button below to accept your invitation to become a List Lifestyle Insider today, you won't regret it:

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